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A lifelong keyboard player, has experience as a soloist, continuo player, and member of various chamber music groups. She was a member of the South Eastern Historical Keyboard Society (USA), the Early Music America (USA). She studied under Ms. Chiyoko Arita in Tokyo, and Glen Wilson in Wuerzburg, Germany.  She received a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Kunitachi College of Music, Tachikawa, Japan.  This was following by graduate studies at the Hochschule fur Musik, Wuerzburg, Germany.  Her honors include a scholarship from the Ome-Boppard Friendship Association (1988-89) and a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship (1993-94). She has performed in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia(2002-05). She is currently a resident of Kita-ku, Tokyo, Japan.


Work History

Ø  Invited as a soloist to the first annual Washington Early Music Festival (June 2004)

Ø  Periodic activity as a music director & performer of the g Baroque Song Eveningh with Masako IWAMI/Soprano (2002-  )

Ø  Periodic activity as a music director & performer of Musika-Platz (chamber music group featuring specific baroque music, 1996-  )

Ø  Periodic co-performing with Woodland-Notes Orchestra (1996-  )

Ø  Annual co-performing with Chuo-University Chorus conducted by Takuya SHIRAISHI (1996-  )

Ø  Frequently performed as a Guest player with different other Orchestras and chamber music groups (1996-  )

Ø  Performed complete gBrandenburgische Konzerteh by J.S.Bach with Takaya URAKAWA/Violinist as Soloist & Continuo player (June 2002)

Ø  Performed complete gFour Seasonsh by Vivardi with Kenichi OHSAWA/Conductor (March 2002)

Ø  Held periodic public lectures about general baroque music organized by municipalities (1998-2002)  

Ø  Recitals

September 1994 in Aschaffenburg/Germany

July 1995 in Arnstein/Germany

March 1997 in Ome/Japan

May 1999 in Tokyo/Japan

August 2001 in Tokyo/Japan

October 2003 in Rockville MD/USA

March 2004 in Potomac MD/USA

April 2004 in Rockville MD/USA

June 2004 in Washington DC/USA at the Washington Early Music Festival

Continuously many appearances in Japan and USA



Ø  Studied under Ms. Chiyoko ARITA(Tokyo), Prof. Glen Wilson(Wuerzburg)

Ø  Bachelor of Arts (Music) , Kunitachi College of Music, Tachikawa/Japan

Ø  Finished gFortbildung Klasseh, Hochschule fuer Musik, Wuerzburg/Germany


@Scholarship of the Ome-Boppard Friendship Association (1987-89)

 Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship (1993-94)


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